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Mt Qua Qua
Mt Qua Qua
hike to Upper Concord waterfall
Hike to Honeymoon falls
Mt Qua Qua
Mt St Catherine
concord hike
mt qua qua
shoreline trail
Cross Country Trail

Hiking in Grenada provides an ideal opportunity to experience the island's lush green rainforest, rolling peaks and valleys. Whether it's a hike to Mt. St. Catherine, our highest peak or a trek to the Upper Concord waterfall, just name it and leave the rest to us.

Following are some of our popular hikes. If none of them suits your fancy, let us know what your interests are and we'll be happy to design a hike just for you.


All prices are quoted in US dollars and include entrance fees.


Hikes are graded as follows:

01- Easy: No steep slopes. Few obstacles.

02- Challenging: Gentle slopes. Sometimes slippery. Some obstacles.

03- Difficult: Many steep slopes. Sometimes slippery. Some abstacles.

04- Very difficult: Mostly steep slopes. Sometimes slippery. Many obstacles.


Obstacles are mainly boulders, ditches, streams and fallen trees.



Upper Concord waterfall - approx. 4.5hrs (Grade 02) - Private tour
It takes about 45 mins hiking through a mix of cultivated land, wild flowers and natural forest to get to the waterfall. Once there, there is a beautiful, secluded pool for a swim before heading back. Wear shoes with good traction that can handle getting wet since this hike includes many stream crossings with no bridges. You must also have good balance and be fit enough to clamber over small to medium sized boulders. Bring insect repellant as there are mosquitoes at the waterfall.
1 pers=$156US
2-3 pers=$91US/pers
4-6 pers=$78US/pers
7 plus, contact us
Cross Country Trail (Grand Etang to Concord) - approx. 7hrs (Grade 04) - Private tour
Possibly the best hike in Grenada but recommended only for experienced hikers.
It starts in the Grand Etang forest reserve and crosses the central mountain range over to Concord waterfall on Grenada's west side. The first hour of hiking involves a climb to an altitude of roughly 2300ft along the Mt. Qua Qua trail then diverts along a trail that passes through the depts of the Grenadian forest providing a mix of every kind of tropical rainforest terrain imaginable. After about 4 to 5 hours of hiking it ends at the Concord waterfall for a refreshing and well deserved swim. This is a tough hike which requires good physical fitness. It is a trail less travelled therefore some parts of it can be overgrown. This hike involves many stream crossing and some parts of the trail can be muddy. The following items are recommended:
  • Shoes with good traction that can handle mud and water.
  • Lightweight clothing that cover legs
  • Water and light snacks
  • Insect repellant
  • positive attitude
1 pers = $260US
2-3 pers=$143US/pers
4-6 pers=$124US/pers
7 plus, contact us
Mt St Catherine - approx. 7hrs (Grade 04) - Private tour
Hike about 2.5hrs through the belly of the Grenadian rainforest to arrive at the island's highest peak set at 2757ft above sea level. From there observe the breath taking panorama which includes many offshore islands. Feels like being on top of the world. This hike requires physical fitness and good balance. Some parts of the trail can be muddy and overgrown. Consider wearing lightweight clothing that cover the arms and legs. Proper hiking shoes are recommended. 
1 pers=$260US
2-3 pers=$143US/pers
4-6 pers=$124US/pers
7 plus, contact us
Mt Qua Qua - approx. 5hrs (Grade 03) - Private tour
Approximately an hour and a half hike through the rain forest ends at the top of Mt Qua Qua set at 2370 ft above sea level. Along the way and at the top there are view points for observing the beautiful terrain and surrounding forest. Some parts of the trail can be muddy. Wear shoes with good traction for this hike.
1 pers=$156US
2-3 pers=$91US/pers
4-6 pers=$78US/pers
7 plus, contact us
Black Rock Waterfall - approx. 3.5hrs (Grade 02) Private tour
This is one of my special spots, unknown to tourists. It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to drive to the start of the trail. The actual hike to the waterfall is roughly 1km/0.62mls and takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Once there you will find an absolutely beautiful pool to relax in. We will take about 30 minutes to enjoy it before hiking back.
Some parts of the trail can be muddy so wear shoes or closed toe sandals with good traction.
There is no changing room so consider wearing your swimwear below your clothes.
1 pers = $156US
2-3 pers = $85US/pers
4-6 pers = $78US/pers
7 plus, contact us
Shoreline Trail – approx. 3.5hrs (Grade 01) - Private tour
It starts with a short walk to a lookout point for a panoramic view of Grenada’s east coast and surrounding forest including the extinct volcanic crater which gives the reserve the name Grand Etang, then we’ll embark on a roughly one hour hike around the lake. We’ll hike along a relatively flat trail which takes us through three different ecosystems to emerge sweaty, muddy but extremely happy.
The trail gets muddy at the end so appropriate footwear is recommended.
1 pers=$156 US
2-3 pers=$78 US/pers
4-6 pers=$72 US/pers
Honeymoon and St. Margaret's - approx. 5hrs (Grade 03) Private tour
This is an absolutely beautiful hike which provides just enough challenge without being overly strenuous. The trail starts within the Grand Etang forest reserve and weaves it's way through the depths of the forest for approximately 1.5 hours before we make our first official stop at Honey falls (Pictured above). Roughly 20 minutes is spent there then we head on to St. Margaret's for a stop of approximately 30 minutes. After swimming and enjoying both waterfalls, there is a 30 minutes hike to complete a loop back to the start.
  • Please wear closed toe shoes/sandals that provide good traction on wet, muddy surfaces.
  • This hike requires good physical fitness and is not recommended for persons with hip, knee and back problems.
1 pers = $169US
2-3 per = $104US/pers
4-6 pers = $91US/pers
7 plus, contact us


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